Organic Coatings (Ecoat)


Plating Technology’s organic metal finishing offers an environmentally friendly, UV-resistant finish that delivers a high level of corrosion protection. Applied over a zinc-alloy substrate to form a black, decorative finish, these non-metallic coatings provide complete coverage of the most complex geometries and exhibit excellent film uniformity and control. Specified by many automakers as part of their sustainability plans, these coatings are used for bulk processing small steel parts, such as fasteners, and can be formulated to withstand up to 1,000 hours of salt spray to red-rust conditions.


Our modern facility is equipped with highly automated processing lines able to handle part volumes from single prototypes to full scale production runs, both rapidly and cost effectively and with very short 3-7 day lead times.




  • PS7187
  • PS10180 (PS12182)


  • WSS-M21P44-A3
  • WSF-M21P25-A2

General Motors

  • GM6138M
  • GMW4205

Delphi Automotive

  • DX550003