Our search for perfection is constant and an integral part of our commitment. Therefore, we have instituted a Quality Assurance Program to insure adherence with prescribed metal finishing parameters.

Diagnostic controls are present at various process intervals for data acquisition and subsequent analysis. This statistical gathering serves as the basis on which we measure the potential impact of variances in process solutions and the required response. Through this approach, we achieve quality enhancement, cost containment and expedient service to conform with customers’ production schedules.

Our customer-focused quality control technicians have the latest technology equipment at their disposal for performing a wide variety of inspection and testing processes to ensure that all services meet your expectations.


Tension Testing of Fasteners

Plating Lab
Thickness by X-Ray Fluorescence
Thickness by Eddy Current
Salt Spray (Fog) – ASTM B117

Locking & Sealing
Torque Tension